Fit Bike

Fit Bike

Tone up your legs and increase pulmonary capacity

To work intensely pedalling the rhythm of music. Sessions have a different objective so that you can achieve your goals.

Fartlek Fit Bike

Continuous sessions with variations of rhythm and intensity, determined by music.

Progressive Fit Bike (mountain)

Progressive increase of intensity by varying the resistance and cadence RPM.

Interval Fit Bike

Modification of intensity during the session alternating periods of high intensity and recovery.

The activity is suitable to those who are in a good general physical condition.



Aerobic resistance

Aerobic power

Muscular resistance


Improve your aerobic capacity

Improve your aerobic resistance

Expand your pulmonary capacity

Increase the power of your legs


Ivan León

Raúl Puig

Oscar Golano

Oscar Jover

Miquel Ciutad

Ferran Mateo