Newness, fun and results

This proposal is a tendency within functional training, allowing you to perform new, original and innovative exercises in a different space. In the sessions you will find several materials to work: boxing bags, SuperFunctional, GoFlo, ABS Suspension, and very interesting proposals. You will learn new movements and new ways to improve your body.

Queenax BEAT

This new proposal for functional training comes from the United States. In these sessions you will use a rate heart monitor, and will find boxing bag, Superfunctional, GoFlo, Suspension ABS, among other elements. Sessions in circuit format combining the elements that the structure of Queenax provides with other functional exercises. 

Queenax MOVE

Activity specially designed to work in suspension, with the weight of your body. We will use the “Superfunctional” of Queenax that surpasses traditional body weight training systems in suspension, as it allows users to train standing, sitting, performing traction and bending movements, hanging and swinging.



Tone up


Define your body

Balance work

Tone up your body


Miquel Ciutad

Sergio Sanchez Valero

Xavi Marfil

Edgar Martinez

Fabio Scharlau

Erik Pardo

Raúl Puig