Levels of specialization: Initiation, Basic, Medium.

Adults swimming

Initiation level

Suitable for people who do not have swimming knowledge, who do not know how to swim. They will become acquainted with the environment and achieve a certain degree of autonomy.

Contents: basic aspects of flotation, breathing and displacement.

Basic Level

Directed to those people who moves themselves in the environment without material, but with difficulty. They will improve their skill in the aquatic environment.

Contents: domination of flotation, breathing, immersions and fundamental aspects of the basic styles of swimming.

Medium level

Ideal for people who already know how to swim and move easily. They will improve their technique.

Contents: improvement of the styles technique.

COURSES 2018 – 2019

• Monday and Wednesday: 9:05 to 9:50 PM Initiation level
• Tuesday: 9:05 to 9:50 PM Basic level
• Tuesday: 9:05 to 9:50 PM Medium level


• 1 day per week: Members € 52.26 / Not members € 74.85
• 2 days per week: Members € 82.26 / Not member € 113.73

• June 2019 1 day: Members € 17.42 / Not members € 24.95
• June 2019 2 days: Members € 27.41 / Not members € 37.91

At the time of registration, the payment of the first quarter must be paid in cash or with card.
The second and third quarter will be made effective by direct debit.

The price reflected is the one of the first quarter. The corresponding amount for the next two quarters will be available as of October.

The courses will begin on Monday, 1 October