Who we are

Joan Miró CEM, managed since 2000 by the “Associació Esportiva Central”, is a sports centre included in the network of public sports facilities of the city of Barcelona.

Its vocation, due to its public origin as a CEM, is to offer the best possible conditions for citizens to access into a healthy and quality sports practice, the non-profit nature and the social dimension of the “Associació Esportiva Central” which is private independent from any other company or entity, thus, they guarantee this.

The social purpose of the CEM is the promotion of physical activity for people of any age, sex, economic or functional capacity and the reinvestment of its surpluses in the improvement of service and facilities.

The basic aims are:

  • The promotion of healthy and non-discriminatory physical activity.
  • The promotion of sports habits among the children’s population in the nearest environment as an indissoluble part of their personal development as individuals in the individual and collective aspect at the same time.
  • To ease space for other Entities or Clubs so that they can develop their own training programs.
  • The funding and support of sports activities of social interest, thanks to the “Programa de Promoció Esportiva”, both inside and outside the CEM itself.
  • The constant improvement in our work in order to be able to give the most adequate fulfilment to our purposes.
CEM regulations (in catalan)


“None of us is as good as all of us together“

The people. We take people into account, whether our users, our human team or our suppliers. We base our actions on mutual respect, integrity and proximity.
The quality. We seek to offer the best quality that is within our reach in both products and services.
The responsibility. We are aware of our reason for being, which it is the happiness of our users, we know they trust us.
Teamwork and Training. Essential for an efficient and constantly evolving organization. We work for this with steady work teams.
Sports values. Effort, work, certainty, achievement of objectives, sacrifice.
Innovation. We want our users to feel as special what it is ordinary.
Social commitment. Support for initiatives which allow the access to sports practice to people or groups that need it.
Environmental awareness. The reduction of the environmental impact and the awareness of our users, work equipment and suppliers is our priority.
Elimination of physical and sensory barriers as well as the access to services and activities.


Promote healthy sports practice by offering the best service to as many users as possible and efficiently managing all the human and technical resources we have, and making a determined commitment to the support of sports promotion activities developed by “Centres d’Educació” and other entities of a social nature.


Organization oriented to the generation of healthy habits and sports practice for everybody, based on principles based on social, economic and environmental sustainability. A team of more than 50 highly qualified professionals, talented and with a great deal of creativity, is the key that will allow us to ensure the guarantee and quality of the service. Strategic action is based on our intrinsic values.

Energy Efficiency. We are green.

The installation is adapted to the new environmental regulations and sets the goal to achieve an energy certification “A” optimizing the energy expenditure with the geothermal system.

What is geothermal exploitation?

It is an energy that is obtained from the use of the internal heat of the Earth. It is an inexhaustible renewable source of energy, viable, technical and economic exploitation, which avoids greenhouse gas emissions.

Accessibility for everyone

  • The elevator allows the access to all floors.
  • Optimal internal circulations of users.
  • WC and showers adapted inside the changing rooms of the memberships.
  • Passenger access to the people with reduced mobility.
  • Exclusive staircase for the circulation with wet feet.