Sala Fitness


Sala Cardio

AMT, El·liptiques, Rems i bicicletes. Tot amb connectivitat


Zona Warm Up

12 cintes de córrer amb connectivitat: Netflix, Spotify, Programes d’entrenament


Gimnàs 1

Activitats dirigides. Cursos


Zona eGYM

16 màquines electròniques guiades. Fàcil, intuïtiu, actual.

Sala de fitness

Sala Fit Bike

38 bicicletes KEISER amb connectivitat.
Equipada amb il·luminació espectacular i equip de so.



Activa tot el cos amb infinitat de possibilitats per un entrenament intervàlic


Sala PT

Espai equipat per a entrenaments individuals o small groups



Sauna, bany de vapor, cabina de gel, tumbones infrarojos


Cabina de gel

El complement ideal per al teu entrenament



Relaxa’t i elimina l’stress

Bany de vapor

Bany de vapor

Dutxes de sensacions

Dutxes de sensacions

Dutxa cubell, dutxa bitèrmica tropical
efecte pluja, dutxa de gran caudal


Piscina climatitzada

20 x 12 metres amb 6 carrils

Piscina d'activitats

Piscina d’activitats

Major temperatura, per a activitats terapèutiques,
cursos per a nadons i cursos especials

Zona corporal

Zona corporal



Vestidor familiar i adaptats. Taquilles de lloguer



Gel de Dutxa, assecadors de cabell, assecadors de banyadors

Pista de basket

Pista de basket

Apta per a bàsquet i diverses activitats.

Pista de Pàdel

Pista de Pàdel



250 metres amb gespa artificial
30 gandules i zona chill out
Dutxa i WC

CEJM vista panorámica

Vista panoràmica

Vista nocturna

Fitness room

Organized in six areas to achieve the best results.

  • Warm Up in order to achieve the optimum temperature of your body.
  • Espai Funcional special for global muscle work, equipped with TRX, Power Plate.
  • eGYM equipment, Intelligent eGYM machines, high technology, with connectivity to take the maximum advantage of the workouts.
  • Free weight to impact on the non-guided resistance muscles: dumbbells up to 40 kg, Hammer Strength Racks, Multipower and Functional Keizer Trainer.

Corporal Zone – “Espai Cardio“

Special zone for cardiovascular work. Ellipticals of short course and high frequency, Ellipticals of wide pass Precor, AMTs, Bicycles Keizer, Rowing machines.

Rooms for supervised classes

Two rooms fully prepared with all the necessary material and following the current trends, in order to carry all the directed sessions out.

Fit Bike Studio

35 KEISER bikes. Equipped with amazing illumination and sound equipment.


Assault bikes , speed fit and HIIT equipment

Personal Trainer studio / Small Groups

Stretching Room

Alternative space fully equipped in order to stretch.

Paddle court

Check the courses schedule at the reception and the hour rent, otherwise you can book your reservation online by clicking here.

Activity pool

Swimming pool of 8 x 4 meters. Higher temperature, for therapeutic activities, courses for babies and special courses. “Fitness aquàtic, Poolbiking, Cardiopool”. Counter current pumps. Moreover, it has a familiar use during the weekends and holidays.

Indoor pool

Swimming pool of 20 x 12.5 meters with six lanes and capacity for a hundred people. In addition to the free swimming, in the pool there are also directed activities: “AiguaFit, Aquadymanic, AiguaTop and Aquatraining”, as well as swimming courses for children and adults.


Spa of 152 meters of relaxation area, with a hydromassage pool for 12 people with cascade, bubble banks, swan neck and volcano. Finnish sauna, steam bath, ice booth and ice fountain, 4 seasons shower, thermal shower and infrared shower.

Multisport court

Suitable for basketball and also for several activities, such as Cross Training and Body Combat.


250 meters with artificial turf. 30 sun loungers and chill out area. Shower and WC.

Physiotherapy and Massages